Eat & Drink

At Galalima, we utilize native Balinese ingredients from nearby sources. Besides healthy and fresh, we want to make sure we are empowering and helping the local community. We use farm-grown vegetables & fruits, fishes from the local fisherman, and many local produce on a daily basis.
Outdoor Galalima Breakfast

Our breakfast choices vary from local to international classics.
Enjoy your breakfast with a view you would like to have, either
Ricefield or Waterfall, you can do it your way.

Chill & Relax
A refreshing Indonesian Ice Tea, handpicked from Indonesian Tea farm is best to accompany your relaxing time at Galalima. Combine it with our choices of Tropical Jaje to enjoy a full local Balinese Snacking Experience.
Tropical Jaje

If you feel like having sweets or refreshing light dishes after your main course, try our tropical Jaje. Every Jaje usually accompanied by a natural melted palm sugar made from local coconut palm trees.


All our menu can be made personalized to your needs if
you’re vegan or vegetarian. You can also choosewhere you would like to have your diner at.

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